What Skills Do I Need to Work in Fintech?

What Skills Do I Need to Work in Fintech?

The financial technology industry, or fintech, is booming, which is why it is attracting some of the best tech minds. In the next few years, fintech is expected to develop more tools that benefit the public in general with initiatives like mobile banking, Robo-investing, and blockchain. Even if you are not a tech whiz, fintech is a new area to watch, as it offers employment opportunities for people with different skill sets. The following five skills will help you get hired if this is a field you are interested in:

1. Deep Understanding of Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as the entire blockchain industry in general, have recently been enjoying great popularity. Banks are definitely one of the industries that blockchain technology has disrupted with its technology. While blockchain is a fairly young and volatile industry, analysts and experts alike are in high demand. Blockchain experts and software developers are scarce, and companies compete aggressively to attract the best talent – so if you are an expert in cryptocurrency and blockchain, you might be able to pick your job.

2. Outstanding Coding Skills

It is clear from the “tech” of fintech that quality coding skills are desirable in this industry. JavaScript, Python, SQL, C++, and C# are common coding languages that every coder, developer, and software engineer should be adept at. Innovative developers hired by top tech and fintech companies often build applications, websites, and platforms. It will continue to grow in leaps and bounds as fintech companies launch increasingly sophisticated digital innovations. Fintech is your oyster if you have a degree in IT or computer engineering.

3. A Passion for Numbers

Or, at the very least, tolerance for numbers. Ultimately, fintech is a number-driven industry, so an understanding of finance-based math, as well as the ability to interpret graphs, charts, and identify trends, will be extremely valuable. It would be easier for you to break into the fintech world if you have a degree in mathematics. Keeping up with financial news and paying attention to global finance movements will help you gain an understanding of key figures and build context.

4. Cybersecurity Knowledge

The threat of cybercrime and hacking is constant for Fintech companies and financial service providers, especially those that facilitate millions of online transactions. In order to protect its customers from becoming victims of financial crime, fintech companies prioritize enhancing cybersecurity. Fintech companies, therefore, are always on the lookout for cybersecurity specialists who can help them protect their customers from these damaging breaches. A career in fintech could be for you if you create sophisticated security systems that can keep criminals at bay and prevent online attacks.

5. Good Communication Skills

It is important that you are able to convey your message clearly and concisely, regardless of your technical qualifications. No one is exempt from social interaction because they spend hours staring at a screen trying to decode numbers or write complex code. In order to be successful, you need to be able to communicate with your team, brainstorm ideas, and solve problems collaboratively. When you are aspiring to become a manager or senior executive, you will most definitely need to mentor junior staff and engage directly with clients. You would need to be able to interact with the press effectively if you work for a company that does not shy away from the public eye. Even though communication is considered a “soft skill”, this does not negate its importance.

If you possess these qualities or are deeply passionate about these fields, then fintech may be for you. Secure a job in Fintech by getting in touch with Black Pen today.