Commission Based

The Commission Based package is our standard offer with a fixed percentage commission structure based on the annual salary of recruited candidates. This service is ideal for businesses seeking a straightforward approach to talent acquisition.

Customised solutions to supercharge your in-house team


Strategic Partnership

Establish an exclusive partnership for ongoing high-volume hiring needs. Benefit from dedicated resources and strategic talent acquisition for long-term commitment.

Continuous Support

Enjoy tailored support and resources for your hiring goals. This partnership ensures a steady stream of top-tier candidates while optimising costs.



Dedicated Resources

Access resources exclusively focused on fulfilling your hiring requirements. This allows for efficient scaling, ideal for larger enterprises and high-volume hiring.

Customised Solutions

Ensure a personalised approach for each recruitment endeavour, catering to the unique requirements of larger enterprises and businesses with ongoing hiring demands.



Efficient Hiring Process

Optimise the recruitment process, reducing time-to-fill for a seamless experience. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for high-volume hiring, maintaining momentum and productivity.

Flexible recruitment solutions to propel your in-house team forward

Proactive Sourcing for Success

Our proactive sourcing methodology offers the most effective solution for managing your company's talent needs. Tailored to deliver a robust talent pipeline, it ensures you can easily find and engage with exceptional candidates. By leveraging our comprehensive approach, you'll experience higher offer acceptance rates and a smoother, more successful hiring process overall.

Specialised Talent for Every Role

Unlock the Power of Tailored Solutions from Black Pen Recruitment for Your In-House Team. From technical experts to professionals driving Go-To-Market strategies, we've got you covered. Specialising in complex technical roles across diverse specializations, we provide support in structuring new teams for product launches or expanding into new territories.

Dedicated Sourcing Support

At Black Pen Recruitment, preserving our clients' brand reputation is paramount. Our specialised sourcing support ensures a steady flow of qualified candidates, backed by our proprietary tools, eliminating the need for additional software investments. With our expertise, we aim to enhance your recruitment experience and drive success for your organisation

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