Startup Package

Our Startup Package offers a custom-built solution tailored to the hiring needs of our clients. Designed specifically for startups in investment or seed financing rounds and operating for less than five years with a staff size of less than 20 people. This package provides essential services to kickstart their hiring process.

Customised solutions to supercharge your in-house team


Specialised Talent

Elevate your startup with top-tier fintech talent sourced by Black Pen Recruitment, essential for fueling growth and innovation in your industry.

Time and Cost Savings

Our streamlined hiring process saves startups valuable resources, allowing them to focus on core business activities while we find the perfect fit for their team.



Flexibility and Scalability

We offer startups tailored hiring options, ensuring they can scale their teams efficiently and adapt to changing market demands with ease.

Access to Industry Insights

Benefit from our in-depth understanding of fintech trends and market dynamics, empowering startups to make informed hiring decisions and stay ahead of the competition.



Enhanced Employer Branding

Showcase your startup as a desirable employer in the fintech sector, attracting top talent and fostering a positive company image for sustainable growth and success.

Flexible recruitment solutions to propel your in-house team forward

Proactive Sourcing for Success

Our proactive sourcing methodology offers the most effective solution for managing your company's talent needs. Tailored to deliver a robust talent pipeline, it ensures you can easily find and engage with exceptional candidates. By leveraging our comprehensive approach, you'll experience higher offer acceptance rates and a smoother, more successful hiring process overall.

Specialised Talent for Every Role

Unlock the Power of Tailored Solutions from Black Pen Recruitment for Your In-House Team. From technical experts to professionals driving Go-To-Market strategies, we've got you covered. Specialising in complex technical roles across diverse specializations, we provide support in structuring new teams for product launches or expanding into new territories.

Dedicated Sourcing Support

At Black Pen Recruitment, preserving our clients' brand reputation is paramount. Our specialised sourcing support ensures a steady flow of qualified candidates, backed by our proprietary tools, eliminating the need for additional software investments. With our expertise, we aim to enhance your recruitment experience and drive success for your organisation

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