Does Fintech Require Coding?

Does Fintech Require Coding?

Firms in the fintech industry are not only looking for programmers. Many jobs are available to those with less technical training. If you are not a developer but want to work in fintech, here are some of the top jobs.

Business Analysts and Project Managers

With the growing use of technology by financial services firms to automate workflow and processes, non-developers who can understand how technology impacts the big picture can take advantage of new opportunities. Project managers and business analysts with subject matter expertise are needed in fintech. Marketing and sales professionals are also in demand.

Various roles in the project management office (PMO) – sometimes called program management – and business analysts are in high demand in the fintech sector. Associates and assistant vice presidents make up most of the roles, but there are also head of project management roles and partners being hired. An ideal experience level is between three and eight years at one of the Big Four professional services firms, a management consulting firm, or a bank.

It’s possible to get into IT by working in the program management office, which will allow you to take advantage of your organizational, project, and program management skills. Business analyst roles require you to have a strong understanding of the given business area, such as accounting and finance and be able to translate that understanding into requirements.

Marketers, Salespeople, and Relationship Managers

In spite of the fact that traditional trading roles are fewer than a decade ago, a host of new roles have been created at technology vendors in the wake of the disruptive forces that caused the thinning. In addition to technologists, this industry needs well-rounded account managers, sales engineers, and sales personnel.

The importance of relationships in this industry continues, but today they’re more than just shared experiences. Our industry has become more sophisticated and complex, so it’s essential to understand the client’s challenges from a deep technical level and how your technology can solve them.

Support, Sales, and Platform-Integration Roles

Several hybrid positions at banks that are still in technology are available to individuals without hands-on coding and development experience. Sales and IT support roles are two examples. To act as a liaison between business and technology professionals, you must have a good understanding of these technologies – there is a learning curve involved. IT business analysts, sales support, and IT support analysts could be the easiest entry point into the technology field for someone who has a good understanding of technology but does not have hands-on coding knowledge.

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