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At Black Pen we offer a personal recruitment service both for candidates and businesses, we are able to help employers find the right candidates for their iGaming businesses and as well as help individuals find the right job in the industry for them. We understand that everybody must start somewhere, and we are here to assist with our exceptional team of highly skilled recruiters who have outstanding expertise in recruiting for iGaming.

What is it?

Simply put, iGaming (or online gaming) is playing or betting on the outcome of a game or event via the internet. iGaming activities include, but not limited to, sports betting, online casino betting, poker betting, or online video gaming, etc but the biggest share of this industry is made up of sports betting and casino games.

While iGaming facilities can be found all around the world, the most popular ones are based in Malta (click here to see which jobs Black Pen has available in Malta) and Gibraltar in the U.K. When you look at the size of the global gaming industry, there is no surprise that online gaming is influencing the business market all over the world. The industry, in terms of market size and revenue generation, is at par with film and music industries.

Why is iGaming the future?

In the future, soon the days will be gone where you have to drive to the casino or betting bar, the future of iGaming is bright and due to advancements in technologies, iGaming cooperation’s are taking their user experiences for their customers to the next level.

For online casino operators, the biggest challenge of mobile iGaming is attempting to replicate the environment of a physical casino, whilst also trying to deliver something unique with added value. The added value comes with the abundance of attractive new customer bonuses and existing customer reloads that outdo any loyalty package that a physical casino can provide. However, it’s also the way in which iGaming customers experience their favourite table games and slots that will keep them coming back for more in the future. Virtual and augmented reality is going to play an important role in the evolution of the iGaming sector, bringing players closer to the action and driving more engagement than ever before. This is where we will most likely see virtual reality gear such as the Oculus Rift goggles will not just be worn to play video games online, they’ll help deliver some of the most engaging virtual reality casino experiences in real-money games.

How can I start my career in the iGaming Industry?

Many skills can be transferred between industries and as we see iGaming continuing to grow, we at Black Pen are always looking for new people to recruit for our clients. In the iGaming industry a variety of roles are needed, such as:

  1. Customer Support Agent

Customer service is a skill that takes patience, dedication and perseverance, but it’s also a skill that can apply to almost every industry. Being that iGaming is a virtual online experience, customer support agents play a crucial role in being able to assist users from all around the world with their needs.

Best fit for the job: Aspiring Yodas, tech gurus of the family, and communicators.

What to learn: Customer service, a second or third language, computer skills, and gaming consoles.

How to stand out: Have a good relationship with the customers of your current job. Since customer service is a skill that extends to most industries, get as much practice as you can, wherever you currently are. Being able to prove this will give you a great boost in this role.

Click here to see which jobs Black Pen has for customer service agents with our clients.

  1. Developers

Getting a job as a game developer is like the Hail Mary of this industry. This is probably the first to pop up in Google when searching for video gaming jobs, but your opportunities might be limited. Jobs site Indeed indicated that the amount searches for “game developer” have increased by 50%. That’s why getting your foot in the door with one of these jobs is a great way to grow your network and learn the trade from the inside.

Best fit for the job: Coders, computer programmers, and video game gods.

What to learn: Code, computer science, and game development.

How to stand out: Make your own games. Experience is everything

  1. Multimedia Artist or Animator

Many video gamers are also creatives – making this position more attractive to gamers. A Multimedia Artist is responsible for dreaming, designing, visualizing and creating graphics and animation for video games and other multimedia. This person is responsible for bringing the writers’ dreams to life on a screen, hence why this job is very important in the industry.

Best fit for the job: Artists, dreamers, doodlers, and graphic designers.

What to learn: Graphic design, art (a portfolio will be more important than your CV), computer science, animation and game design

How to stand out: Have a unique style! Since jobs are scarce, standing out will be what gets publishers to notice you and with a great portfolio.

  1. Composers/Musicians

This is probably one of the less heard-of jobs in the Gaming industry. Media productions almost always need music in combination with visuals, which includes video games. Being a musician is one thing, but also having the ability to compose music puts you above the rest.

Best fit for the job: Composers, producers and musicians.

What to learn: Music composition, music production and how to play instruments.

How to stand out: It comes down to whether you are musically inclined. Being able to play instruments, produce and make your own music and have a portfolio of work to showcase will increase your chances.


  1. Video Game Tester/ Beta Testers

This is a great entryway into the video game industry. Also known as Beta Testers, Game Testers are responsible for detecting bugs, glitches, artistic flaws – they “play the game to break the game” according to GameDesigning.org. If you enjoy spending 8 hours a day (or more) playing video games, and you’ve got a great eye for details, this could be a job for you. It’s also a great way to learn about how video games are created, by working more closely with the Development team.

Best fit for the job: Perfectionists, team players, dedicated gamers, and aspiring developers.

What to learn: Computer science, game play, hacking, analytical skills, programming and quality assurance.

How to stand out: Sometimes quantity matters in this quality-focused position. If you know you’re a good fit for this job, likely many others do too. You’ll have a lot of competition with other gamers, so knowing about all the positions available out there and putting to network will help you secure a job in this position. Make sure you also know all the tools and vocabulary used in Beta Testing, to stand out above others in the interviews.


  1. Digital Marketer, SEO Specialist, Content Writer etc.

Like every industry out there, the world of iGaming also requires the skills of excellent digital marketers, content writers, SEO specialist etc to help make their business more discoverable and entertaining. The most common services within the gaming world are brand building, email marketing, CPA/Rev Share acquisition marketing, social media communications, affiliate management, creative design and VIP strategies.

Best fit for the jobs: creatives, writers, graphic designers, marketers, journalist, copywriters

What to learn: digital marketing, social media management, content writing, graphic design, SEO etc.

How to stand out: Make sure you know how to use the relevant platforms for the jobs you are applying for, know the language used and make sure that you research the company and its industry before hand so when you are asked any questions on how to improve its marketing, SEO etc the company will see you are able to add value to their company.

Click here to see which jobs Black Pen has for digital marketer, content writers etc with our clients.


  1. Key Accountants, Account Managers etc.

In iGaming the role of Account Managers and Key Account mangers etc will be responsible for driving traffic towards the company’s clients gaming websites. It will involve them identifying and signing up new affiliate partners, promoting the industry leading affiliate program to them, and effectively managing the on-going relationship with existing affiliate partners.

Best fit for the jobs: people who have minimum of 3 years in working experience in a marketing or sales position, preferably working as junior personnel in the account management department etc.

What to learn: Have a bachelor’s degree in Sales, Business Management, Communications, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Business Administration or any other related field. Understanding how a CRM system works will be advantageous.

How to stand out: Suitable work experience will help make you stand out and having any experience in CRM systems and have proven problem solving and decision-making skills.

iGaming is the industry for me, now what do I do?

Please click here  to upload your CV to our database, and we will review it and see which iGaming jobs we can find for you, otherwise, take a look at our current job openings with our clients here and start applying today! We at Black Pen place candidates in Malta, Europe and South Africa on an ongoing basis, so even if we do not have the perfect positions for you today, we may have something suitable in the future. We are committed to offering the best personal service to our clients and candidates, building a long-term future that is mutually beneficial for all parties. We look forward to hearing from you and to help you take this next step in your career.

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