Fintech Employment: Is FinTech a Good Career Option?

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs and developers who can anticipate new ways to deliver financial products and services are excellent candidates for FinTech careers. The decision to pursue a career in FinTech depends entirely on your personal interests and abilities.

  • Are finance and technology your thing?
  • Can you keep up with the fast pace of the tech world and learn new technologies every few months?
  • Are you capable of coming up with innovative ways to deliver current services and products?
  • Could you work in an unstructured start-up environment?
  • Do you have multidisciplinary skills in tech, finance, marketing, legal, and other business areas?

FinTech is a great career option for you if you answer yes to most of those questions. As old industries are transformed into new, technologically driven ones in the next few decades, FinTech offers unmatched future potential. It does not mean that conventional finance jobs will disappear. There will simply be a lot more technical skills needed as they will be transformed.

How FinTech Will Change the World

FinTech is here to stay, and no one who understands the industry will disagree. In what way, shape, or form will it evolve is the real question. Would it be the tech giants invading the traditional territories of banks? Will banks regain control and seek out the right partners to assist them in developing the right technologies? Does FinTech have a chance of carving out niche markets and resisting heavyweight pressure?

From what we can tell, there will be a little bit of everything. Several revenue streams are undeniably bank-driven, and those streams won’t be going away anytime soon. The tech-savvy challengers are likely to target other products that can be managed through automated processes.

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