How a Fintech Recruitment Company Can Help You Hire Top Talent Abroad

How a Fintech Recruitment Company Can Help You Hire Top Talent Abroad

FinTech is one of the most innovative and rapidly evolving industries. The start-up culture is bringing a revolution to traditional payment systems with the increase in FinTech start-ups. For expansion, innovation, and growth, these businesses need hardworking and expert employees. Despite this, finding qualified finance and technology professionals is becoming increasingly difficult. 

It is possible to recruit the best talent around the world because talent knows no borders. Hiring employees from abroad has become much easier thanks to technology and digitalization, even if your recruiting budget is tight.  

Recruiting and onboarding foreign talent is not as difficult as it is perceived to be. Over the last few years, governments have become more welcoming to foreign talent, and visa applications and authorities have become more accessible, especially as visa departments have established an online presence. Having trouble finding the right talent for your FinTech company and need to hire foreign employees? Black Pen Recruitment can help.

It is possible to hire remote candidates for FinTech positions, and an online hiring process is an excellent method of assessing their technical abilities. To shortlist applications, we can perform tests, online interviews, and other evaluation forms. When conducting these assessments for candidates from other countries, it is important to keep in mind time zone differences.

The final step of the recruiting process is onboarding. This will fall under our responsibilities as your hiring partner. In this process, selected candidates are contacted or emailed and unconditional or conditional letters are sent to them. As part of the employee registration process, we also collect various documents from your employees to facilitate their sponsorship and visa application.

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You may think that hiring international talent is a complicated process, especially if you are a relatively small company that has never done this before. To grow your business, you need high-skilled employees with the right qualifications. Often, your local area is unlikely to have the skill that you are looking for. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Black Pen Recruitment today