What Programming Language Is Used in Fintech?

Which Programming Language Is Best for Fintech?

In the past, finance has been very open to new technologies. Computing technology and the internet have become a powerful force multiplier for banks because of the sheer volume of transactions, the low tolerance for risk, and the need for instant processing.

All of these technologies must, however, be developed. Whether directly or through partnerships with major IT firms, finance has been at the forefront of that. Most IT companies list banks among the largest clients in their earnings reports. Several companies in the IT sector and fintech start-ups are directly funded by banks due to their fascination with IT. 

While all of this sounds intriguing, programming skills are required to accomplish the task. Below are some of the programming languages used in Fintech.


Financial services companies use Java extensively. Several of the world’s largest banks use it as their retail banking sites, electronic trading platforms, wealth management platforms, and other front-end applications that interact with their customers.


Python has undoubtedly taken the world of finance by storm. This language has a certain elegance to it with the way it handles things. This language doesn’t have a steep learning curve like some of the others. The high-level nature of the language makes it more appealing to researchers and quants alike, and that has definitely contributed to its popularity.


Comparatively to most of the other languages on the list, C++ is closer to the machine. Thus, it is an excellent choice for high frequency trading systems because it is much faster. The company pays tens of thousands of dollars to place its servers right inside the stock exchanges because high-frequency trading requires such low latency!


The vast amount of data produced by our industry makes SQL an essential language for handling it. Due to the need to examine historical data, identify patterns, and predict future performance, SQL was already a favourite of the industry. The rise of data science and analysis has made it even more popular.


The JavaScript programming language is used to make web pages dynamic and interactive, making it one of the most common languages on the planet. JavaScript is responsible for many of the functions that we have come to expect as part of our regular browsing habits.

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