How Do I Join a Fintech Company?

How Do I Join a Fintech Company?

Financial technology, or fintech, is undoubtedly a long-term trend. Innovative technologies are being used by startups and companies to disrupt the financial services industry, including market-based online marketplaces, mobile apps, artificial intelligence, and robotics. As a result, this has resulted in an increasing demand for talent in this field. What are the requirements for acquiring a position in this rapidly expanding field?

If you want to launch a startup in the fintech space – perhaps developing an app or launching an online store – you should have a general management skillset that includes everything from sales and relationship management to finance, marketing, and analytics.

Fintech companies, on the other hand, are looking for candidates with unique skill sets and profiles that can help them command high salaries. Professionals in this field should be able to speak the language of financial services with confidence and accuracy. It is a huge plus if you have both STEM knowledge and coding experience.

If you’re working with a company or starting your own business, your soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork, will make you a particularly valuable resource.

How Do I Start a FinTech Career?

The fintech industry is rapidly growing and evolving. It’s imperative that job seekers keep track of all players and stay on top of emerging trends to set themselves up for long-term success. The following tips can help:

  1. Find out who the players are, what the ecosystem is like, and which sectors are involved. What products people are excited about. Study the history of the industry and any company you are interested in working for. Learn what opportunities the company may have in the future.
  2. Assess your cultural fit with the company’s needs: Understand how your skills and strengths align. Would you benefit from joining a fintech startup, or would a banking institution be a better fit? Make sure that your resume highlights projects, internships, and other experiences that demonstrate skills that are relevant to the fintech position you are seeking.
  3. Connect with fintech professionals at events: Fintech events are a convenient place to start networking. Attend conferences to connect with mentors and find job opportunities. Use LinkedIn to connect with fintech professionals.
  4. Learn what you need to know by enrolling in a master’s program that offers electives or specializations in fintech, data analytics, or artificial intelligence. 

Fintech is no different from any other industry when it comes to launching a career. The rewards of a career in this sector can be significant, however, if one is diligent and persistent. For more information or help landing a job in FinTech, get in touch with BlackPen today.