Fintech Recruitment Solutions: Everything You Need to Know Hiring for Fintech

Fintech Recruitment: 4 Categories of Fintech and Where to Find the Best Fintech Recruiter in South Africa

The demand for qualified professionals in the fintech field is at an all-time high. It’s easy to see why considering how many fintech companies there are all over the world.

“Fintech” stands for “financial technology,” which refers to any technology that makes it easier for users to make payments or use their money in new ways. Money and payment innovations have a long history, with credit cards being one of the first examples. Even though the term is new, the industry has a long history of innovation.

When developing your recruiting strategy, it is important to know which Fintech recruiting solutions are most in demand. Job openings in the industry are dominated by software engineering, followed closely by operations. 

What is the best way for fintech recruiters to find talent in a highly competitive labour market? There are many similarities between fintech recruitment strategy and recruiting in other sectors. Establishing a strong employer brand is one of the first steps.

Your branded employer portal must convey the importance of innovative workplaces in the fintech industry where applicants can have a direct impact.

Make your job description as clear as possible. If you write vague descriptions, they will not define a person’s responsibilities. Posting your job description and sourcing candidates is the next step once you have written a detailed and well-written description.

As part of the interview process, you will also want to evaluate the candidate’s business savvy and commercial acumen. Candidates must understand that Fintech is primarily about exchanging and making money.

Your job postings should then be posted across all major channels, and you should not ignore channels like Facebook and Whatsapp, which are sometimes overlooked. AngelList, StackOverflow and similar channels attract mostly tech and startup talent compared with platforms like Indeed, which attract job seekers from all sectors.

In Fintech, where the demand for specialists is even higher, the best talent is usually passive. Especially true when it comes to staffing teams and executives in organizations.

Communicating with passive talent and hiring them requires a plan, as well as a few good email sequences. 

Fintech Recruitment Solutions in South Africa

It can be challenging to recruit for Fintech companies, especially if it’s just one part of your company’s operations. You might be able to find help from a Fintech Recruitment Agency like Blackpen Recruitment. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.