5 Ways To Make Your CV Stand Out

Your CV is the first chance you get to make a good impression to a potential employer. Luckily, if you have a top-quality CV, it will considerably boost your chances of getting a face-to-face interview. Therefore, it is worth spending time and effort on the general content and presentation of your CV. We have complied 5 top ways on how to make your CV stand out above the rest to potential employers.  

1.Have a digital online CV  

Are you wanting to get noticed more easily by recruiters and employers? Having online profiles on platforms such as LinkedIn and indeed is vitally important. Not only can you find jobs on these platforms, but you can also send them you “LinkedIn” or “Indeed” digital online CV. Make sure your profiles are up to date and show the same information that you have on the PDF version of your CV.  

LinkedIn on its own has over 20 million companies listed worldwide, and a recent study found that 122 million people received an interview through LinkedIn, with 35.5 million having been hired by a person they connected with on the site.  

2. Use Keywords and Optimize Your Profile for Search  

In relation to having a digital online CV, we live in a Google-centric world with artificial intelligence technology, leading to machines doing a lot of the work when it comes to screening applicants. According to CNBC, 75 percent of resumes are never reviewed by a human. To guarantee that yours is part of the other 25 percent, you should ensure that:  

  • Recruiters who are sourcing candidates on job boards find you  
  • Your resume makes it through the machine filtering software that the majority of companies use to track applicants  

Ensure that you list all software applications you can work on, your intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and as much keywords as possible within your relevant career field to land the jobs you want.   

3. Be Creative  

If you feel you’re not a creative individual and don’t have the abilities or software to come up with a unique CV design, there are plenty of online websites. canva.com is a good example, as you can download and create your own CV in a unique and creative way. By having a creatively designed CV, it will make your CV stand out above the rest and will not be boring to the people who review it. It will show your taste and personality and indicate to employers and recruiters that you are the type of person that takes the time to brand and marketing yourself differently. Experiment with your favorite colors and patterns, different fonts, icons and always have a picture of yourself on your CV.  

Be sure that your CV is in a PDF format and not a word, photoshop, illustrator etc because the people viewing your CV may not have the applications to open and view it in those other software formats.  

4. Less is more  

In conjunction with the above point, it is very possible, with meticulous CV design, to be able to put all information that’s on your current 2-3 page CV on to 1 page. Employers and recruiters have many CV’s to go through per job application, so do not send them 3 paged CV.   

5. Customize Your CV   

It’s great to have a short summary at the top of your resume, that captures what you’re seeking in your next role, along with your core competencies and achievements. Ensure o write a bit about yourself and how you have gotten into the career you are in now. By doing all of this, the people reviewing your CV will get to know about you and see where your passions and abilities lie.

Just as important, is customizing each summary at the top of your CV for the job you are applying for. Using keywords that the job description has used to reiterate that you do meet the desired requirements and attributes.  Ensuring that your CV stands out above all other applicants