What Is Fintech Recruitment?

What Is Fintech Recruitment?

What fuels the world? Money. Fintech advances have made money flow around the globe more quickly and safely than ever before. Money is powered by what? People. Millions of people and businesses benefit from the hard work of the employees at these growing Fintech companies.

The number of people using online banking tools for their financial needs has increased over the past few years, though brick and mortar banks remain fairly common. Why? In comparison with cashing a check or transferring money in person, it is safer and more convenient.

What is FinTech? Undoubtedly, this is a question people still ask and search for every day. It refers to the technology used in everyday financial processes, previously known as ‘Financial Technology’. 

What Is Fintech Recruitment?

Hiring managers face some unique challenges in the FinTech industry, as recruiting is a vital and often complex activity. FinTech companies have many roles to fill, and the industry is innovative, creative, and lucrative. Thus, there will be several experienced and up-and-coming candidates that can contribute to your company. At any given point in time, FinTech firms could be recruiting for:

  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • HR
  • Data
  • Software engineers
  • Sales

To hire the best people, you need to know which Fintech sectors are growing and which roles are competitive within them.

What Are the Most Valuable Skills for FinTech Recruiters?

Companies that recruit for FinTech jobs generally look for candidates who:

  • Passion, curiosity, a knack for technology, and the conviction that you might change the world with your startup or project.
  • Innovative thinkers.
  • Excellent communication skills both internally and externally.
  • A computer science degree or a background in math, physics, or engineering is preferred (although Fintech recruitment companies also consider non-technical degrees for business analysis or project management).
  • If someone is looking to move into a development role, they should be comfortable with programming languages such as C++, C#, Python or Java. 

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