What Do FinTech Employees Do?

What Do FinTech Employees Do?

There is an increasing demand for qualified employees in the fintech space. This is not surprising given the growing number of fintech companies around the world.

Fintech is any technology that allows users to make payments and use money creatively and excitingly. The credit card was one of the first innovations in money and payments, though it is relatively new.

When developing your recruiting strategy, you should consider the top Fintech recruiting solutions. Software engineering jobs represent the majority of job openings, followed by operations jobs. It is difficult to find talent in a highly competitive fintech labour market. So how do they identify candidates?

Career Opportunities: What Do FinTech Employees Do?

This sector offers several exciting career opportunities, including:

  • App developers
  • Blockchain developer
  • Compliance expert
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Financial or business analysts
  • Product Manager
  • Quantitative analyst

Where Do Fintech Recruiters Find Talent?

Recruiting in fintech can be compared to recruitment in other industries in many ways. One of the most important things you should do is ensure that your employer’s brand is strong.

Employers with branded employer portals are likely to attract fintech candidates looking for jobs that have a direct impact.

It is difficult to define responsibilities if the job description is unclear. Once you have drafted a comprehensive and well-written job description, you should post it on the Internet and start searching for qualified candidates.

A successful interview also includes assessing the candidate’s commercial and business acumen. Fintech is primarily focused on facilitating money transfers, and candidates should be aware of this.

You should consider including Facebook and Whatsapp as part of your job ad distribution since they are often overlooked. On platforms such as StackOverflow and AngelList, the top talent tends to be in the technology and startup industry (as opposed to Indeed, which attracts a wide range of job seekers).

The fintech industry is one of the most in-demand industries, yet the most talented talent in the industry is typically passive. Executives and hiring teams often find this to be particularly true.

The recruitment strategy for passive talent should include a few engaging email sequences to engage them and encourage them to apply. A Fintech Recruitment Agency may be able to assist companies in this situation if recruiting is only a part of their business. In such a case, Fintech Recruitment Agencies may be able to assist.

African Fintech Recruitment Agencies

A significant amount of recruitment information is available online regarding fintech roles, primarily focused on marketing and operations. Black Pen Recruitment may be able to assist you if you prefer a more hands-on approach to find talent for your business. Please contact the team for more information on how we can assist you.