Fintech Recruiting: How to Increase Your Odds of Hiring the Right Candidate

Fintech Recruiting: How to Increase Your Odds of Hiring the Right Candidate

Finding a new job can be a daunting task. Especially in Fintech, where job markets are over-saturated, it can be hard to stand out. If you want a job, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Here are the top three mistakes job seekers make when looking for a new position.

Not Being Qualified for a Position You Are Applying For

Sending your resume when you’re clearly unqualified or overqualified for the job is a waste of time. When the hiring manager is looking for someone with 2-5 years of experience but you don’t have any or have 15-plus years, you won’t be considered. Underqualified and overqualified candidates are viewed similarly. People who waste time are disliked by recruiters due to the thousands of resumes they receive per job posting. 

You should not apply for a position if you are not the right fit or must stretch your experience too far. “Random submissions” convey an impression of desperation. Invest your time in roles that you are really suited for. 

Including All the Necessary Information for a Specific Role in a Cover Letter, but Not on Your Resume

Every time you apply for a new job, make adjustments to your resume as if it were your one true marketing document. As recruiters receive a large number of resumes, cover letters are usually skimmed or never opened. A resume must also be able to stand on its own because cover letters are seldom sent to hiring managers. Make sure your resume contains the job description for which you are applying. To ensure recruiters understand that your experience matches the job description, add specific phrases from the description. According to a study conducted not long ago, recruiters only spend six seconds reviewing resumes. Using boldface will help you emphasize important points in long paragraphs.

Only Applying for Jobs Online

When you submit your resume through a web portal for a specific company or job board, as opposed to getting help from a Fintech recruitment agency, the interview rate is much lower. 

The best way to avoid any of the above-mentioned mistakes when looking for a new job is to work with a Fintech recruitment agency like Black Pen Recruitment. Not only will you have access to more job opportunities, but they will also guide you through the entire process, from start to finish. For more information or to start your Fintech job search, get in touch with Black Pen Recruitment today.