Intra Company Work Visa

The Intra- Company Transfer work visa, also sometimes referred to as a Secondment Visa, is a temporary residence visa that is available to foreign nationals who are employed in a foreign company who need to be transferred or seconded to a branch, subsidiary or affiliate company in South Africa of the foreign company where they are employed.

The Intra – Company Transfer work visa or secondment visa can only be issued to a person for 4 years and cannot be extended.

While working in South Africa on an Intra – Company Transfer visa the foreign national’s employment contract will remain with the foreign employer for the duration of the validity of the Intra- company transfer visa.

The purpose of the Intra – Company Work visa is to allow employees, specifically of multi-national companies, to be able to move internally to perform necessary roles and functions while working in South Africa, in the South African branch, subsidiary or affiliate company.

The spouse and children of the foreign applicant can be accommodated on this permit as accompanying family members.

Upon comprehensively proving the relationship, a fiancé or life partner can also be included as an accompanying partner on this visa.

Please note that any accompanying family members or partners are not permitted to work, study or have a business unless they apply in the own capacity for the relevant permit allowing them to either work , study or have their own business.