General Work Visa

The General Work Visa is a temporary residence permit and is the category of South African work visa that is available to foreign nationals who have already secured an offer of employment in South Africa.

The General Work Visa is not industry specific, hence its name. South Africa, as with many other countries, needs to protects its work force and ensure that South African’s are not losing out when a foreign national is given the right to be employed in South Africa.

To qualify for a General Work Per the need for the foreign applicant to be issued a South African work permit/ visa must be clearly motivated by the employer. To meet the requirements for a foreign national to be employed in South Africa and apply for General Work Visa the employer must show that despite a diligent search, the prospective employer has been unable to find a suitable citizen or permanent resident with qualifications or skills and experience equivalent to those of the applicant and that the applicant has qualifications or proven skills and experience in line with the job offer.

The foreign applicants will need to have their qualifications assessed and evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority and obtain the required minimum level. Work experience, in certain circumstances, may be taken into consideration.

The spouse and children of the foreign applicant can be accommodated on the general work visa, as accompanying family members.

Upon comprehensively proving the relationship, a fiancé or life partner can also be included as an accompanying partner on this permit.

Please note that any accompanying family members or partners are not permitted to work, study or have a business unless they apply in the own capacity for the relevant South African work visa allowing them to either work , or study or have their own business.

Permanent Residence :
A person can apply for permanent residence through working in South Africa if the person has continually resided for a minimum of 5 years in South Africa on a valid work visa and has a permanent employment contract or amongst meeting other requirements the applicant has received an offer for permanent employment.

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