Corporate Work Visa

The Corporate visa is a visa that a South African based company can apply for if they are required to employ a large number foreign employees, may it be for limited projects or for the longer term.

The Corporate Visa is hugely beneficial as it allows the South African company to manage its human resources needs in a more practical and cost effective manner.
Upon the Corporate applicant (South African Company) meeting the requirements and after outlining and motivating the need for foreign employees and the number required the South African Department of Home Affairs, after consultation with the South African Department of Trade and Industry, will determine the amount of foreign employees the corporate applicant will be have included as part of the Corporate Permit.

As part of its motivation to the Department of Home Affairs the corporate applicant will be required to provide evidence of the job requirements and confirm that the skills needed are scarce in South Africa.

Once satisfied, the Department of Home Affairs will issue the Corporate visa to the South African company. The Corporate visa can be issued up to 5 years and will include a specific number of employees under each job description that the South African company may employ.

The company holding the Corporate visa may then recruit foreign candidates who fall under the job descriptions listed on the Corporate visa. Once a suitable candidate has been found an individual work visa can be applied for and received to allow the foreign employee to commence employment.
The individual work visas, as part of the Corporate Permit, have far fewer requirements than other work visa and applications take less time to prepare therefore this is beneficial in minimising time- frames.

Permanent residence:
A foreign employee working in South Africa on an individual work visa, as part of a Corporate visa, is held by the South African employer, can not include the time spent on this visa as part of the 5 continual years on a work visa needed to apply for a permanent residence.