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The demand for top talent increases as Fintech companies grow. Investment and growth in the fintech sector are skyrocketing, and hiring talent is getting harder. The right assistance (from a credible Fintech recruitment agency) can help you hire the best talent in the field or to offer a raise to existing employees.

What is Fintech Recruitment?

Recruitment refers to the process of seeking out, locating, and hiring candidates for a role. An organization’s recruitment process covers all stages of the hiring process, from the first interview to the employee’s integration into the company.

The Fintech recruitment market, however, is a niche market, as it is defined by its ability to provide a talent pool of highly skilled Fintech professionals to Fintech clients.

Because Fintech is a speciality industry, Fintech recruiters must be very specific about the characteristics they are looking for in candidates. While working experience within a

Fintech company might not be a requirement, the technical skillset criteria require strong technical expertise. Fintech startups turn to Black Pen Recruitment for talent to fill executive positions. All of your recruiting needs are handled by us, and only the best candidates are sent to you.

We have successfully placed resourceful talent at Fintech startups in countries like South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. Our company has screened and recruited candidates for product manager jobs, sales executive jobs, executive client managers, field sales executive jobs, and software engineer positions.

The team at Black Pen Recruitment are fully committed to being the most effective fintech recruitment agency in the whole of Africa.

Fintech Recruitment Agencies: Industry Growth!

How long has it been since you visited a bank? In today’s world, making a payment online is infinitely easier than physically going to a bank to withdraw cash. The Fintech sector has made all this possible.

Innovative Talent Successfully Placed in Fintech Startups

Black Pen Recruitment has placed resourceful young talent at Fintech startups across South Africa, including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban. Interested candidates have been recruited to fill positions such as CISO, CFO, VP Engineer, Backend Engineer etc.

Product Manager, Sales Executive, Executive Client Manager, Field Sales Executive, Software Engineer, etc. Black Pen Recruitment has worked hard to become the best fintech recruitment agency and firm in South Africa as well as other African countries, such as Kenya and Nigeria.

You've come to the right place if you want to hire the best people in the field. Discover how to streamline your Fintech recruitment process in 2022 and hire for top industries.

Software Engineering

Any Fintech business must have an easy-to-use online platform. If you deal with sensitive data, you need a platform that’s fast, convenient, and offers world-class security. As a result, about 40% of recruiters in the fintech industry are looking for software engineers.

Diverse individuals exist within the ranks of software engineers as well. Each programmer will have his or her own strengths and weaknesses. There are some software engineers who are excellent at Java, and others who are better at JavaScript, Python, etc.

An important factor to consider when hiring software engineers would be their skill set and experience level. Ideally, you should choose someone who is able to write clean, maintainable code as well as someone who is not afraid to debug.

Fintech is being transformed by cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, Blockchain, and IOT. Software engineering will grow in 2022 with the advent of these innovations.

Application Development

Mobile app development is crucial for fintech startups today. Customers prefer apps to e-wallets because of the ease, security, and convenience they provide.

Fintech startups offer an array of apps from simple banking apps to lending wallets to credit lending services.

The majority of today’s fintech apps include sophisticated recommendations, a personalized user experience, and automated chatbots. As a result, the fintech industry will increasingly focus on developing mobile applications that leverage technologies, such as ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and cloud services.

Finding the right app developers for your brand is no easy task. It is recommended that you examine a candidate’s portfolio closely and place a higher priority on their practical knowledge. Another option is to hire a third-party vendor to help you with the Fintech hiring process.


In the Fintech space, operations is also booming. Your competitors release updates and bug fixes at lightning speed because software development is rapid.

Keeping your software projects on schedule requires a lot of coordination. These are the top 3 roles in-demand today within the operations industry:

Information Technology
The information technology field focuses on agile practices. Software is rapidly developed, tested, and delivered via incremental updates. IT also offers services such as SAP, CRM, and others that can help you work more efficiently.

Customer Success
Creating a customer success team involves designing products and services that will help your customers become loyal customers of your brand as they transition from casual visitors.

Customer Support
To ensure your customers remain happy and continue using your services, customer support is the most important aspect of operations within the Fintech space.

It’s imperative that you hire an operations executive with both strong written and verbal communication skills. You’ll also have to find someone who has strong analytical skills, someone who knows how to think on their feet and come up with solutions on their own.

Data Scientist

In the Fintech industry, data science is probably the most important application. You can simply see a dashboard and predict what’s going to happen in the future! Here are five of its major applications:

  • With data science, you can make credit decisions faster and more accurately than ever before. It is the backbone of credit lending and risk assessment.
  • Using data science, you can determine your customers’ purchasing patterns and purchase histories, which can be used as the basis for loyalty programs.
  • This enables you to target marketing and upselling based on your customer’s lifetime value.
  • Robotic advisors, which are devoid of emotions, can guide your users to new investment opportunities.
  • Your transactions can now be tracked in real-time, thus eliminating the risk of fraud.

Great data scientists are often skilled in multiple domains, such as databases, computing, and predictive modelling, as well as critical insights, analysis, and curiosity. Look for candidates with strong communication skills who are experts in a particular field.

Data Analytics

Have you ever seen a bank’s database? These databases contain thousands of records, and the list keeps growing.

“Big data” refers to this massive collection of data. At first, it may seem like chaos, but most Fintech companies depend on being able to make sense of the data. This vast amount of data needs to be stored, processed, and analyzed by data analytics experts.

Fintech companies are exploring a new approach that will give their users personalized and customer-oriented data analysis. They will use charts, graphs, and statistics to visualize their data. Small Fintech startups can also make sophisticated risk assessments and budget predictions using big data, which gives them a competitive advantage.

When hiring data analysts, look for someone who is familiar with SQL and Hadoop, Python, and other languages. Data analytics is being used by fintech companies to understand their customers, offer personalized advice, improve security alerts, and assess risks. The traits of a good data analyst include critical thinking and clear presentation.

Sales & Marketing

In Fintech, marketing and sales are slowly catching up. No matter how good your product is, you need a great sales team to make it attractive. Most Fintech apps and software seem complicated on the surface, but they’re designed to simplify transactions. Fintech is just starting to impact sales, with huge opportunities to grow by 2022.

The most in-demand roles in the sales industry are:

  • Sales development representative
  • Sales operations
  • Accounts manager
  • Accounts executive

A niche market in Fintech is marketing, which is in high demand among recruiters. Marketing teams have the most crucial role in finding a product’s target audience.

In Fintech, not everyone is interested in the latest innovations. Mass interest must be cultivated by the sales and marketing departments.

Introducing this would encourage everyday users to start banking and investing, thereby boosting the business. Industry contacts, experience, and product knowledge are crucial for sales executives.

Why We Are the Best in the Fintech Recruitment Field

Fintech Industry Knowledge and Understanding

Since we’ve been around for so long, we have seen the growth of Fintech startups in the industry. Our experience in the Fintech industry has given Black Pen Recruitment a thorough understanding of its needs. We hire only candidates with the same vision as your team based on this information. In this cutthroat industry, we make sure that the applicants we send to you have the relevant experience and skills. Our goal is to make sure you have an advantage over your competitors.

Specialized Fintech Recruitment Team

An entirely dedicated team of recruiters works exclusively on Fintech placements. Regularly closing multiple positions, they maintain high standards and follow ethical practices. Finding the best talent for your organization is only made easier with our dedicated team.

Qualified Personnel Database for Fintech Industry Requirements

In order to build a strong database of potential candidates, Black Pen Recruitment has conducted extensive research and established relationships with them. Through our extensive database of skilled professionals eager to work at the best Fintech startups, we have become the industry’s go-to executive recruiting firm.

Fintech Recruitment Solutions from Start to Finish

Black Pen Recruitment understands that recruitment isn’t simply about finding the right candidate. There are many factors to consider. We make sure that you have a smooth hiring experience with end-to-end recruitment solutions. The entire process is handled by us, including sourcing profiles, talking to candidates, taking your feedback, scheduling interviews, and discussing salary packages.

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